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We are committed to aiding legal firms by providing tailored online leads and signed retainers specifically designed for Ozempic lawsuits. Our innovative retainer model, which assumes the risk, showcases our unwavering dedication. Furthermore, we collaborate seamlessly with trusted third-party intake centers to ensure a smooth retainer signing process. Let us assist you in advocating for those affected by Ozempic complications.

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Ozempic Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals who have been prescribed Ozempic and subsequently diagnosed with any of the medical conditions outlined may consider legal recourse against Novo Nordisk. It's important to recognize that specific individuals may have a heightened susceptibility to these health complications. For example, those utilizing Ozempic for Type II diabetes management might encounter fewer adverse effects.

To be eligible for a lawsuit:

The individual must have taken Ozempic or a similar prescription weight-loss medication and have stopped using the product.

This person must have experienced or been diagnosed with one or more of the following conditions at least 30 days after starting treatment:

  • Gastroparesis leading to hospitalization
  • Diagnosis of Ileus
  • Diagnosis of Pancreatitis
  • Hospitalization due to a blocked intestine
  • Pulmonary aspiration during anesthesia or surgery

In general, to qualify to pursue an Ozempic lawsuit, the claimant must meet the following criteria:

  • Used Ozempic before April 2022
  • Suffered from gallbladder issues like gallstones or gastrointestinal problems such as gastroparesis
  • Suffered financial losses as a result of medical conditions

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